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Department Introduction


Korea University offers various scholarships, such as the Anam Scholarship, Special Scholarship for New Students, Excellent Student Scholarship, Merit Scholarship, Student Worker Scholarship, Scholarship for the Children of National Meritorious People, and Special Scholarship. Scholarships are also offered by non-university organizations. The number of Merit Scholarships awarded is determined in proportion to the number of students enrolled in the department each semester. In addition, Jeongho Choi (enrolled in 1988), who graduated from the Department of Japanese Language and Literature, donates Tiger Japan Scholarship funds for our undergraduate and graduate students every year.



Exchange student system

Korea University has exchange student agreements with leading universities in Japan in order to improve international competitiveness and academic quality. The selection of exchange students is held once a year in spring and autumn twice a year under the supervision of The Office of International Affairs(http://studyabroad.korea.ac.kr/).



The number of exchange students and students in the 7+1 overseas study program





2007 2008 2009 2010-1  Present

Exchange students
(including those selected from the College of Liberal Arts)


30 23 23 12

7+1 program students


2 3 5 2


Universities that have signed a student exchange agreement with Korea University (as of 2010, in Korean alphabetical order)



Kansai University(関西大學)

Kansai Gaidai University (関西外大)

Kanto Gakuin University  (關東學院大学)

Keio University (慶応義塾)

Kokushikan University  (國士館大学)

International Christian University (国際キリスト教大学)

Kyorin University  (杏林大学)

Kyoto University  (京都大学)

Kyoto Gakuen University(京都學園大学)

Kyushu University  (九州大学)

Siebold University of Nagasaki  (長崎シーボルト大学)

Nagoya University(名古屋大學)

Nihon University  (日本大学)

Daito Bunka University  (大東文化大学)

Doshisha University 同志社大学)

Tohoku University  (東北大学)

Ritsumeikan University (立命館大学)

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (立命館アジア太平洋大学)

Rikkyo University(立教大学)

Meiji University  (明治大學)

Saitama University (埼玉大學)

Seikei University(成蹊大学)

Showa Women’s University 昭和女子大学)

University of Tsukuba  (筑波大學)

Aoyama Gakuin University(青山学院大学)

Osaka University of Economics and Law (大阪経済法科大学)

Oita University  (大分大學)

Waseda University  (早稻田大學)

Yokohama National University  (橫濱國立大學)

National Central University  (中央大學)

Fukuoka University  (福岡大學)




Exchange Students from the College of Liberal Arts

In addition to exchange students selected by the International Mobility and Cooperation Team, the Department of Japanese Language and Literature each year sends approximately 40 students to universities that have signed a student exchange agreement with the KU College of Liberal Arts, providing tuition, housing, and other expenses, and the number of exchange students and universities continues to increase.

Universities that have signed a student exchange agreement with the KU College of Liberal Arts



Akita International University(國際敎養大学)

Gunma Perfectural Women’s University(群馬県立女子大学)

Tezukayama Gakuin University  (帝塚山學院大学)

Mejiro University(目白大学)

Musashi University  (武藏大学)

National Taiwan University(國立臺灣大學)



Overseas Study Program

The Division of International Languages and Literature, to which our department belongs, offers the 7+1 program. Any students enrolled after 2004 can participate in this overseas study program for a semester on scholarship at one of the Japanese universities that have signed an agreement with the division (refer to http://libart.korea.ac.kr/)


Universities that have signed an agreement for overseas studies.



Tohoku University  (東北大學)

Saitama University  (埼玉大學)

Tsukuba University  (筑波大學)