Korea University Department of Japanese Language and Literature

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Career Options

Approved Prerequisite Courses

▶ Major : Japanese Linguistics / Japanese Literature


Career Paths after Graduation (statistical data including the number of graduates in each field)


Education 14%

Professors, middle and high school teachers, government or private research institute researchers, and others

Business 38%

Employees of Korean and Japanese conglomerates, public corporations, the aviation industry, foreign companies, and others

Press 1%

Newspaper reporters, broadcast producers, writers, announcers, reporters, simultaneous interpreters, and others


Public Institution 4%

Public officials, diplomats, national intelligence agents, law firm staff, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, patent attorneys, international lawyers, Japanese legal experts, and others

Finance 20%

Employees of banks, securities companies, accounting firms, investment companies specializing in Japan, and others

International Trade 23%

Employees of international trading companies, shipping companies, trade promotion organizations, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and others