Korea University Department of Japanese Language and Literature

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Message from the Chairman

Korea University Department of Chinese and Japanese Language and Literature

Established in the College of Liberal Arts in 1983, the Department of Japanese Language and Literature has produced approximately 2,000 professionals, including the first 34 graduates, who are playing active roles in various fields of society. We accept approximately 50 students each year, and currently 229 students are studying in our department. The number of students enrolled is increasing every year due to a rise in the number of students applying to our department according to the implementation of the division system. The educational objectives of the Department of Japanese Language and Literature were established under the following principles. First, the philosophy of “national prosperity through education” was applied, which originated from the educational philosophy of Korea University, “national salvation through education.” Second, by studying Japanese language, literature, and culture, which are closely related to Korea and its people both in history and today, the Department of Japanese Language and Literature tries to understand the ways of thinking, values, traditions, and lifestyles of the Japanese as an academic field related to Japanese studies. Third, our educational objectives were established based on the social and national demands for the cultivation of professionals with a thorough knowledge of Japan.