Notification for Successful Applicants for Fall 2019 Interdisciplinary Major

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1. Please refer to the attachment for the successful applicants for Interdisciplinary Major of Fall 2019.

2. Successful applicants MUST check carefully the Constitution and Academic Regulation Chapter 6, Section 6, Subsection 2 for Interdisciplinary Major. Please log in at -> Knowledge Management -> University Constitution and Academic Regulations.

3. For any questions related to the curriculum and graduation requirements please contact the relevant department or college.

4. Among successful applicants, those only who retain the eligibility conditions during the application semester (ie. Registration (spring semester: July 31, fall semester: January 31), approval of pre-taken courses, designation of independent major courses, course-registration) will be accepted to pursue Interdisciplinary Major from the following semester. Students who apply for leave of absence will be disqualified even after being announced as successful applicants.