*Original Site: http://portal.korea.ac.kr/front/Main.kpd

Receipts can be printable during the payment period of tuition fees.


Tuition Plan : 1credit : 107,900KRW, 2credits : 215,800KRW, 3credits : 323,700KRW


Payment Method

1) Period : May 31 09:00 ~ June 4 23:00, 2019

2) method : Wire transfer to virtual account given by each course. (Phone banking, ATM machine or wire at any branch of Hana bank)

3) Question regarding wire transfer, please contact Hana Bank at KU branch: 02-928-1111.


Guidelines on Tuition Payment

1) Please make your tuition payment completed by the deadline, as late payment will not be accepted via system.

2) Virtual Account is given by each course students apply. Please make sure you wire-transfer to a correct account number.

3) Students who will enroll in a course type of ‘Internship’ also pay the tuition fee.

4) The tuition payment should be made to Hana Bank under student’s name. The bank opening hours is from 9am~4pm Monday to Friday. Internet banking runs 24 hours.

5) Students who wire-transfer via internet banking or phone banking must pay by 23:00.


Directions on Tuition Payment

1) Log-in at http://sugang.korea.ac.kr during Tuition Payment Period (May 31 09:00 ~ June 4 23:00)

2) Click ‘Notification of Summer/Winter Tuition Payment’

3) Insert your Student ID number and Password, then click ‘SEARCH’

4) Virtual account is printable if you click ‘PRINT’, in Korean ‘출력’ button.

5) Check each account you have applied for this Session.

6) Then wire the tuition amount to each virtual account given. If you wire at a bank, make sure you ask for a receipt.


How to check your tuition being paid

1) Go to Hana Bank homepage, http://www.hanabank.com -> Log in with your personal authentication (Digital Certificate) -> Utility Bill -> Tuition -> Deposit Statement (university code: Korea University, Student ID: Virtual Account No., Name of the student -> Search


2) Go to http://portal.korea.ac.kr -> Log-in -> Information Depot -> Internet Certificate Verification System-> Certificate Request -> Certificate of Tuition Payment -> Click to choose a year 2019 -> Pay the tuition -> Print Receipt