Guidelines on Applying for Double Major, 2019-2

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Under the University Constitution and Regulations in Chapter 4, Section3, Article 35
Academic Operations Regulation Chapter 6, Section 2, subsection 1 on Double Major


How to Apply -

Portal(KUPID)LOGIN(User, ID, Password) [Registration&Graduation] [University Registration] -

[Application for Secondary Majors] - Select college/school Dept./division - Complete Statement of PurposeSelect Dept.Click[Application for Double Major] button - Check the eligibiligy and Click to [Complete the Application] button -



[Application for Double Major] button to start application for double major. You must click [Complete the Application] to finally submit your application.>


1. Eligibility
1) Candidates who specified their 1st major are eligible to apply for double major
2) Applicants must complete a minimum 3 semesters at the University (minimum of 2 semesters, if transferred)
3) Students who are enrolled in Spring semester, 2019.
 - If a student applies for a leave of absence after the release of double major application outcome, the application will be withheld.
※ Applicants must be enrolled during March 1- July 31 (Spring Semester), September 1 – January 31 (Fall Semester)
4) Students who are already approved of double major, interdisciplinary major, student-designed major or engineering authentication certificate program are NOT eligible to make the application, unless they withdraw from the majors before May 3, 17:00. (Application withdrawal can be made online via KUPID / Engineering authentication certificate program students must make the application withdrawal at the Department Office)
- If a student withdraws the earlier application to declare a double major again, the student is allowed to do so once only. If the double major petition is not approved for second chance, the student must take a single intensive major instead. 

2. Determination Criteria
- The approval of double major is determined by academic records, interview, statement of purpose, depending on the Faculties/Departments (Please see the attached) (Overall GPA up to the last semester will be assessed)
3. Application Schedule
- May 8 (Wed) 10:00 ~ 
May 10 (Fri) 17:00
Please make sure to complete the online application at least 1-2 hours prior to the deadline. NO exceptions will be made (e.g., technical issues)
4. How to Apply
1) Online application via Portal (
2) Portal(KUPID) - LOGIN(User, ID, Password) - [Registration & Graduation] - [University Registration] - [Application for Secondary Majors] - Select college/school Dept./divistion - Complete Statement of Purpose->Select Dept.->Click[Application for Double Major] button - Check the eligibiligy and Click to [Complete the Application] button - LOGOUT

※ Click [Application for Double Major] button to start application for double major. You must click [Complete the Application] to finally submit your application.

2) Eligibility: Students who are enrolled in Spring 2019, who meet the requirements of double major
There may be restrictions for entering class of ’97 and ’98 candidates to apply double major from other faculties (e.g., humanities student applying for science majors). No restrictions apply for art faculties.

5. Announcement of Result
1) June 21 (Fri) 14:00 (tentative)
2) On Portal > Bulletin > Notice > Academic Calendar

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